Welcome to the Harcourt School Publisher Web Checker!

The Web Checker makes it easy to see if your system is set up to enjoy all the activities, features, and functionality of the Harcourt eProducts. It is suggested that you use this checker before entering the site for the first time. You should also run it again if you experience any problems with this site in the future.

The items marked with X do not meet the minimum system requirements. After you make the required changes, run the check again to confirm that the requirements are met.
Note to network users: This check only applies to the client machine on which it is run.

If you need assistance at any time, please contact our Technical Support Center at 1-800-419-3900 or click the email link under the Web Checker to send the Web Checker report to our Technical Support Center. This report will make it much simpler for the Technical Support Center to diagnose your problem. Thank you!

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